ATICA has had a phenomenally rapid rise in the world of electronic music and in the last year has appeared on several of the major international record labels.

ATICA is comprised of a large audio/visual team, headed by the Spanish DJ and Producer Pablo de Rosacruz, based between Madrid and Los Angeles. In this short period of time, ATICA has won the widespread support of 90% of the most influential DJs in the electronic music scene. Pablo has years of experience performing as a DJ and in his DJ sets he knows how to surprise and win the crowd over with his turntable skills and showmanship.

As a live performance ATICA have upped their game to show the public thewhole team’s passion for integrating 3D and computer graphics into an unique and mesmerizing live show. In the first ATICA LIVE! visuals and music were both synchronized from the same computer and mixed by Pablo in front of the crowd. All this ranks ATICA as one of the most ambitious projects at the moment.

Since the release of “FIRE”by ATICA on Spinnin’ Records it feels like things are moving faster than Usain Bolt. However, the success behind this project can be attributed to the musical foundations that have been carefully developed from an early age. Because of the wide variety of musical styles that have influenced Pablo, ATICA has a clearly defined sound, yet it cannot be easily classified into any musical genre, making it something unique and original. Being always black music his main roots.

In just one year, ATICA has been seen with industry standards such as Spinnin’ Records, Ultra Music, Tommie Sunshine, Mercer or Confession.